Rob MacKillop

Welcome to my photo blog, imagesRM. By clicking on the stars at the left-hand side of the page, you can access project pages.
I live in Edinburgh, an important city in the development of photography. I am respectful of that tradition.
I have four analogue cameras (Leica M-A, IIIG, Konica Hexar and the Pentax 6×7 medium-format) and one digital (Leica M9 Monochrom).

All images are copyright, but do ask if you would like to use them or have a print.
Comments on the posts are welcome.
Rob MacKillop

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21 thoughts

  1. Hi Rob,

    Photography is a very artistic interest.

    Since 2016 I have used the small lightweight Leica DLuxe. Which I take everywhere.

    Amazing very high standard photos and videos.

      • Hi Rob,

        The only account I have is instagram because my 21 yr old grandson Joshua is an avid photographer/videographer too . He posts these and added instagram to my iPhone. He uses a drone, a 360 degree go pro, and extremely expensive camera with all sorts of paraphernalia.

        The BBC bought some of his videos.

        His dad and I just use Leica D-Luxe now.

  2. Hey Rob, Bev here from You tube (LoveandPeaceOccurs). All Your photos are B e a u t i f u l, Thank You … for sharing your perspective. Good luck to you in all you do. Have you seen the site … (I think I’m remembering that correctly?) You can sale your pictures in a variety of formats, if you choose … (I just look at the art … I’ve none for sale) … Anyway, Have a beautiful day

  3. G’day Rob! Like your site. You mention that you have a Konica Hexar. Is that the AF model with fixed lens? I have one but haven’t used it for years. Which reminds me. “ have I taken the battery out?”
    Take care and stay safe.


  4. Hi.
    Just a distant follower here…..appreciate your sharing the manifestations of your creative fire. I’ve listened to your music for a few years. Gratitude for sharing your poetry on your “last? video.” Much vulnerability there. Third poem resonated most. As for your photography, I love “Laminar’s End”, the boy of “Climate Emergency” in Protest, and the intimate whimsy of the leaf Scanography, Wishing you all the best. Please continue sharing.
    v, in Texas

    • Hi Victoria! Thank you very much for your nice comments about my work. I had intended to do no more videos, but then came Covid-19 and the lockdown, during which I had a lot more time than usual. I also contracted the virus, and have been quite ill, and for solace I would play Bach. I don’t have a lot of strength to hold a guitar, hence the use of the ukulele!
      Anyway, I’m on the mend, getting slowly better, and comments like yours cheer me up. Thanks again! Rob

      • Dear Rob,

        I am so glad to hear you’re on the mend. Yes indeed it is a very slow process towards complete recovery.

        Second cousins of mine in New York also caught it, as well as a 94yr old first cousin of my dad’s who lives in Paris.

        My dad’s cousin spent 7 weeks in hospital. They are all feeling extremely weak, but are so relieved to have been successfully treated.

        Hang in there dear Rob, the sun will soon shine on your health.

        Your Bach renditions on the ukulele are beautiful. Loved them.

        All the best and lots of quarantined hugs 🤗 from Beaconsfield (Quebec) Canada 🇨🇦

  5. Hi Rob the image at top of this page really does it for me, I love the overall feel and also the technical aspects where the shadows and highlights fall just right. I will refer to this image again as a tutorial

    See you DMF (where I’m DigitalFinger)

    • Thanks. It’s the favourite of my images, but was surprisingly a quick snap when I was in a hurry. When I say quick, I spent about four seconds framing, fired, then moved on and forgot about it. When I got the film developed and printed, I realised how lucky I had been. Luck has a lot to do with it. Of course, I had to “see” the shot in the first place, so maybe there is something in that. Cheers, and thanks for the comment.

      • The chiaroscuro, the different levels, the variety of shape, form and texture are absolutely breathtaking. A prize winner.

        Which camera did you use? What editing tools do you prefer ?

        Would you allow me to email this to my grandson Joshua ?

        He is very much into colour, and I would like to show him that there are other options available.

        Many thanks.

        Sent from my iPad Edna Turner


      • Sure, just send him a link. It was taken with a film camera, the Konica Hexar AF, and some Ilford b&w film. I use Lightroom for editing, but my edits amount to reducing the size for online use, and very occasionally making the exposure lighter or darker. I didn’t do anything to this image, other than making it smaller. I’m useless at shooting colour, so stick with b&w.

      • Thanks Rob,

        I used to have Lightroom which was free and came with my Leica DLuxe.

        It wasn’t complicated and I tried to edit some old and torn black and whites of my dad when he was a boy, and a photo Laurence(my husband) had taken when he and his cousin Martin “illegally” of “communists” crossing a commie guarded bridge when they were teenagers.

        They told their parents they were going to Bournemouth 😁😁😁🙄🙄🙄and rode on Laurence’s Lambretta to Communist held Czechoslovakia !

        They were arrested, but after being sternly told off in Russian they were let go.

        Martin eventually became a QC and was knighted by the Queen for being Churchill’s official biographer.

        Unfortunately my Lightroom has become obsolete. I shall have to purchase a new one.

        Black and white photography is my favourite.

        You have a very artistic ability to see the beauty and “play” of “light“ on a subject and make the most of it. A most exceptional talent.

        Sent from my iPhone Edna Turner

      • You can’t buy Lightroom these days, as it’s only available as a subscription from Adobe. I have version 4, which is a stand alone version, the last one before the subscription came in. It’s fine, does WAY more than I require of it. I try to get the shot right in camera, as I loathe editing.

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