Sigma DP0 Quattro

The Sigma Merrill and Quattro cameras are ideal digital cameras for film shooters. They are slow, clunky, pondersome, but get closer to the film experience, especially when in B&W mode, than any other camera I know. Not for sports and wildlife photographers, but they suit me perfectly.

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Edinburgh Skyline
12 February, 2017


Rembrandt’s Nose
Edinburgh 11th February, 2017


Exploding Thistle
Edinburgh 18th August, 2016


Taken from our oh-so-fecund garden, which we have left to go wild, with thanks from the birds and the bees, if not the neighbours…Here a large thistle casts forth its seed, in its annual attempt to spread the genome. The tremendous energy unleashed reminds me of the Hogmanay fireworks in Edinburgh.

Converging Lines
Inverleith Park, Edinburgh
5th December 2016