Nikon F4

I only had this camera for a few months. It’s an excellent camera, but somehow just didn’t fit comfortably in my hands.

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Railing At Hogwarts
Edinburgh, February 2015
85mm 1.4


There are two 1-hour print shops in Edinburgh, Boots The Chemist and The Kodak Shop. The latter does better prints, though, as here, they can come back somewhat tinted. The tint is easy to remove digitally, but I quite like it for some shots.

Weave at The Doocot
Edinburgh, February 2015
85mm 1.4


The Doocot or Dovecot Centre, near Edinburgh University, is a wonderful art space devoted to contemporary weaving. Well worth a visit. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the weaving room, but this particular weave descends the middle of the stairway, from 3rd to Ground floor.

Cala Lilly
84mm 1.4


I frequent the Real Photographer’s Forum (“Real”, as in, using your real name), and once contributed a blog post on photographing a Calla Lily, possibly worth a read:

Shadows At The Apple Store
Prices Street, Edinburgh, June 2015


About the only thing of interest in the Apple Store that day…

Three Tails Of One City
Edinburgh Festival, August 2015


You would think that living in Edinburgh during the August festivals would be wonderful for photography, but I find the place gets too busy, with endless crowds moving very slowly. It takes forever to get anywhere. So, I usually try to ignore it. However, sometimes you just can’t. This time I’m glad I did go by The Mound area, where these three girls gave me my shot. Thank you, ladies.