Mamiya RB67 Pro SD

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The Dark Isle (of course)
90mm lens, HP5 film
Cramond, 2012


An oft-photographed scene by me. I like its simplicity. This one needed a little editing in Nik Silver, Auld Nik, as I prefer to call it. Cramond is near Edinburgh.

Of Art and Nature
Ilford Delta 400.
Home Studio, 2014


Here we have a meditation of sorts, on the relationship between nature and the art we make out of it. At first it looks like Art is triumphant – the flowers continue to look fresh and alive, as the real flowers decay. Yet, for me, the real beauty is in the death and decay of the flowers, how beautiful they still are, while the painted flowers begin to look like a fixed smile. Why bother with art? Well, for me, it’s the doing rather than the achieving. The end result doesn’t really matter. In fact there is no end, and each viewer brings something new to the play.