Holga 35mm Pinhole

I bought this as a present for someone, but will now have to buy another! It’s a cheap plastic 35mm pinhole camera by Holga, equipped with threads for a tripod and a cable release, both essential for pinhole photography, I’d say. From one roll (Ilford XP2) of 36 exposures I got a dozen or so that I liked. Here are my favourites. All exposures between 3 and 6 seconds. No lens. Just light falling onto film. REAL photography! 🙂


St Cuthbert’s Graveyard
Edinburgh, November 2016


The above is the grave of Dr John Jamieson, complier of the first Scots-Language Dictionary, and subject of my wife’s PhD thesis and also Oxford University Press monologue. My wife, Susan, is actually in this picture busying herself removing old beer cans from the grave!

The East Gate, Botanic Gardens
Edinburgh, November 2016



Flowers of Remembrance
Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, November 2016


I watched a tearful old man place these two flowers on his wife’s memorial bench in the botanic gardens. We talked a little about his wife, and I asked if I could take a photo, to which he gladly consented. I think the pinhole rendering has brought out some of the tenderness of his actions.


Lanterns in the Botanics
Edinburgh, November 2016



Dean Bridge
Edinburgh, November 2016


The main arterial road into Edinburgh from Fife, built by Thomas Telford.


Dark Brown Leaves
Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, November 2016


It is quite a challenge to capture dark brown leaves with a pinhole camera and b&w film, but I’m pleased how this image turned out, possibly my favourite of the set.


Birch Tree and Chimney
Edinburgh Botanics, November 2016



Big Leaf
Edinburgh Botanics, November 2016