Fuji X-T20

I bought this camera in late November, 2017. It came with the cheaper kit lens, the XC 16-55, still not a bad lens, but I have the 55-200mm lens on its way…Most images can be clicked for a bigger version.

Metallic Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 30 Nov, 2017

allotment 1

Allotments, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh, November, 2017

Stockbridge 3

Stockbridge, Edinburgh, December 2, 2017

birds in flight

Dean Village, 2, December, 2017

Edinburgh Skyline, November, 2017

Autumn Leaves, Roadside, Edinburgh, November 2017

Birds-feet Leaves, Edinburgh, November 2017

Metallic sculpture, Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 2017