Sigma DPO Quattro

The Sigma Merrill and Quattro cameras are ideal digital cameras for film shooters. They are slow, clunky, pondersome, but get closer to the film experience, especially when in B&W mode, than any other camera I know. Not for sports and wildlife photographers, but they suit me perfectly.

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Edinburgh Skyline
12 February, 2017


Rembrandt’s Nose
Edinburgh 11th February, 2017


Exploding Thistle
Edinburgh 18th August, 2016


Taken from our oh-so-fecund garden, which we have left to go wild, with thanks from the birds and the bees, if not the neighbours…Here a large thistle casts forth its seed, in its annual attempt to spread the genome. The tremendous energy unleashed reminds me of the Hogmanay fireworks in Edinburgh.

Converging Lines
Inverleith Park, Edinburgh
5th December 2016



5 thoughts on “Sigma DPO Quattro

  1. Hi Rob, it’s Mick from the RPForum just a couple of questions regarding DP Merrills and the Quattro’s as I may have said in the RPF that I have all three merrills and mighty fine cameras they are indeed, so Q1 why did you swap and is the quality that much better. Q2 shooting B/W, the way I’ve tried as well as shooting colour and then converting to B/W is to shoot in B/W mode then into spp which takes you straight into the monochromatic mode without having to see any colour at all, and of course you can still return to colour if you want “but why would anyone want to do that”. Is the Quattro’s any better at B/W than the Merrills? could you see the difference I’m not sure, but there must have been for you to swap, look forward to your reply. I’m coming back up to Fife in January for another holiday could you please make sure that the borders are open and roads are clear of snow.

    May I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy New Year for 2017.

    Thanks Mick

    • Hi Mick. A change is as good as a rest, as they say, and every now and then curiosity gets the better of me. I loved the Merrills, and was offered a great deal on the Quattros, so went for it. Is there a huge difference? Not really. The Quattros are a bit higher in quality, I’d say. The colour with the DP3Q is hard to beat, and the b&w with the DPOQ is about as good as you’ll get, short of spending six grand on a Leica Monochrom. The 27:9 (if I remember correctly) format, especially on the wide-angle DPOQ is to die for.

      I shoot b&w in-camera for the main reason of composition. I would definitely shoot differently if I was shooting colour. Usually I spend the whole day on one setting, and that means I can literally focus in on composition. The DPOQ is almost always set to b/w. In fact I think of it as my b&w camera. If you only buy one Quattro, let it be the DPO. Nothing in the Merrills can replicate what it does.

  2. Came this way via the RPF, I’m definitely interested in how you’re using the Zero set to B&W. I set my Ixus this way at ISO 400 recently and it was definitely more impressive than using it in colour at 100.

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