Canon G10

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Christopher Jupp, lute player, 2016

Chris Jupp 5

The Canon G10 was the first camera I bought, but I used it seldom. Recently I grabbed it while fleeing out the door, already late for the quarterly meeting of the Scottish Lute and Early Guitar Society. Occasionally I enjoy deliberately shaking the camera as I shoot, in the hope that something unusual and interesting might be caught. 90% of the time the result is rubbish, but, as here, sometimes a little magic happens. Chris is a fine amateur player, and I like to think I caught something of the flow of the music he was playing, though I can’t remember what it was.


2 thoughts on “Canon G10

  1. What are your thoughts on the G10? I don’t think it’s excellent, but I did happen to have it with me for one of the best sunsets I’d ever seen, so it lived up to the old idiom of the best camera is the one you have with you. I find it’s very good for macro.

    • It was the first camera I bought, intending to used it on a holiday to London. Then I forgot about it for years, until the day of the lute photo. It is a nice enough camera, but not quirky enough, maybe. I like cameras with character, oddities. The G10 is a wee but staid, predictable, even boring. But what it does, it does well enough. I don’t think I ever tried it for macro. I was surprised at how well it did the shakey shots.

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